I'm calling this page Snippets, though its real name is "Snips and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails, but spelled Tales" — (my son's creative mind at work, not mine). All those words wouldn't fit on the fortune cookie header though, so Snippets it is.

I envision this page will be "bloggy" in nature, but I've never blogged before, so it might not look like a blog to you. I plan to share bits of news, updates, and thoughts on anything and everything… the angst of sending a son off to college; the excitement of having a book published… But what do they say about the best laid plans? Perhaps instead I'll be posting favorite fortune-cookie fortunes, the newest addition to my push-puppet collection, photos of my dog... stay tuned…

Not Working, with a capital “N” and a capital “W”

August 9, 2011

I have been dreading this week for a year…maybe longer. My son, Joe is heading off to college on Friday.

All spring long he waffled between NYU and USC. Both are farther away than I might have liked, but both have direct flights from Seattle and are in pretty terrific cities. At the last minute though, he decided to go to Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. It’s a wonderful school in a beautiful location, but it’s so, so far away. Getting there requires a stop in a connecting city and an hour long drive once you’ve landed.  Sheesh! I’ve been trying to write all day to get my mind off things, but it is Not Working, with a capital “N” and a capital “W”.        


“two thumbs up ~ fireworks!”

August 5, 2011

I had such a fun evening last night that I just had to share. I was invited to Mockingbird Books -- a terrific kid’s bookstore in Seattle -- to join the 3rd Grade Thursday Night Book Club. (I think they need a catchier name and they’re such a creative group of girls that I bet that’ll be on the agenda at next month’s meeting.) I’m not sure if it was because of their July book, Cinderella Smith, but they immediately slipped off their shoes and got comfy. We talked books and pierced ears and writing and shoes and summer. I learned about Word Jars and new camp songs and “two thumbs up ~ fireworks!” – imagine giving someone a thumbs-up that dissolves into jazz hands – so cool – it will definitely make the pages of one of my books. A huge thank you to Riley, Maya, Bridget, Melina, Lucia, Thea and Pia for inviting me!

My very artistic friend created this with a copy of Cinderella Smith -- love it!

August 5, 2011

“Cinderella’s shoe should drop in a walrus’ den.”

August 3, 2011

Kids are terrifically fun brain-stormers. Here are some of the things they’d like to see happen in future books:

“Cinderella should go to Florida to see a rocket launch and give an astronaut one of her shoes to take into space.”

“Cinderella should meet a boy and have a love interest, but wacky things should happen.”

“A bully should take one of her shoes and move across the country.”

“She could go to a mall and get a pair of shoes and the bag could break open and one shoe could fall out.”

“When Cinderella finally gets her ears pierced, she should get expensive, solid-gold, shoe-shaped earrings and then lose one. While she’s looking all over for the earring, she should lose a foot-shoe too.”    

“Cinderella’s shoe should drop in a walrus’ den.”

“Cinderella could get a little brother and he could take her shoe and fill it all up with saliva.”       


“Cinderella Smith is nice, but not so nice that you can’t stand her."

July 31, 2011

Observations from school kids on the book:

            “Cinderella Smith is nice, but not so nice that you can’t stand her.”

            “Cinderella gets in trouble, but she doesn’t try to like kids do in some other books. It just happens to her. Like in real life”

            “She doesn’t have pierced ears yet and neither do I and I want them, but I have to wait until I’m older. I also have to wait to have a facebook page.”

            “Cinderella is an interesting character, but interesting in a good way, not like when my mom says to me: ‘Well, that’s an interesting idea’.”

            “I can relate to Cinderella because, even though I'm not a girl, I am all the time losing my retainer.”

            “I really don’t want to wait a whole year to read the next Cinderella Smith book. Is there someone I can talk to about this?”

            Next, some of their ideas for future books...