I'm calling this page Snippets, though its real name is "Snips and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails, but spelled Tales" — (my son's creative mind at work, not mine). All those words wouldn't fit on the fortune cookie header though, so Snippets it is.

I envision this page will be "bloggy" in nature, but I've never blogged before, so it might not look like a blog to you. I plan to share bits of news, updates, and thoughts on anything and everything… the angst of sending a son off to college; the excitement of having a book published… But what do they say about the best laid plans? Perhaps instead I'll be posting favorite fortune-cookie fortunes, the newest addition to my push-puppet collection, photos of my dog... stay tuned…


February 22, 2012

Woo-hoo Cinderella Smith 3 finally has a title! After months of debate, and numerous suggestions, we have a winner: CINDERELLA SMITH and the SECRET ‘E’ MYSTERY.   

Younger friends, (kids), approve. Older friends, (pesky grown-ups), think it’s a bit of a tongue twister. But as long as the target audience likes it, so do I!

I don't think I really want to know the answer

February 21, 2012

Don’t tell the Maplewood principal, but I haven’t run my five miles yet. I just got back from three weeks in Arizona where I walked a lot, (even climbed Pinnacle Peak), and swam many laps in the pool, but did no running. Now that I’m home in gray, rainy, cold Seattle perhaps I should fulfill my obligation. I’m not enticed to go outside, though. I wonder if running on a treadmill would count or if fresh air was part of the Running Club’s motto? I could email and ask ~ they are a wonderful group out there ~ but I don't think I really want to know the answer.     


An Afternoon at Maplewood School

January 27, 2012

I spent a delightful afternoon with students from Maplewood School in Edmonds. It was my first assembly ~ about 200 kids from grades 2 through 5 in the multi-purpose room. (In my day we called it the plain old lunchroom. I guess someone realized it was used for way more than just lunch and renamed it.)

We talked Cinderella Smith, C. S. ~ The More the Merrier and the still untitled Book 3. My favorite title suggestions this time around were Cinderella Smith ~ DANGER and Cinderella and the Missing Books Caper. Caper is such a cool word. Has it been used a lot in middle grade fiction? I must do some research…

One of the kids was wearing the most terrific necklace ~ a colorful, plastic foot dangling from a cord. When I told her it was the perfect accessory for our assembly, (since Cinderella often has one bare foot), lots of the other kids told me they had one too. It turns out students can earn them by being part of the school’s Running Club. Before I left, the principal bestowed upon me my own foot necklace ~ and I get to keep it too, as long as I run five miles!          

“Did you know you were an enchanter?”

January 26, 2012

I received an email from my mom today with the subject line: “Did you know you were an enchanter?”

No, I certainly did not ~ I had to read further. Inside the body of the email there was a quote: 

“In a library we are surrounded by many hundreds of dear friends imprisoned by an enchanter in paper and leathern boxes” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Although I love to think of Cinderella Smith as a ‘dear friend’, I hate to think I’ve ‘imprisoned’ her. I feel more as if I’ve set her free. After being trapped in my head, she’s out in the world now, shared with others. That being said though, it sure is fun to think of myself as an enchanter.


January 23, 2012

My editor just shared some excellent news! It seems that the Junior Library Guild has selected CINDERELLA SMITH: THE MORE THE MERRIER to include in their spring catalog.

According to their website: “The JLG editorial team reviews more than 3,000 new titles, in manuscript or prepublication stages, submitted to us by major publishers. We’ve developed a keen sense for finding the best of the best—our eye for storytelling, topic variety, illustration, and art direction has proven, year after year, to be remarkably effective. More than 95 percent of our selections go on to receive awards and/or favorable reviews.”

Although I don’t completely understand what all this means, it sure sounds grand to me!