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Abigail's Review! Love-love-love it!

July 7, 2013

Cinderella Smith Review

I absolutely love love love the Cinderella Smith series. I read book 1, book2 and am eager to read book 3! I love these books because Cinderella Smith is in my grade and there is never a part where it gets boring! That’s why I ‘heart’ Cinderella Smith books!


Abigail, age 8


Maia's Review!

May 13, 2013

I met a lovely young gal at my last book launch ~ poised, articulate, smart and only 10 years old! She offered to write a review of the first Cinderella Smith book, and here it is:


Book Review for Stephanie Barden’s “Cinderella Smith”

By Maia Glass Quicksall

          I really enjoyed reading ‘Cinderella Smith.’ It was a quick, exciting and fast-paced read. I found myself thoroughly entertained. The main character, Cinderella, was a likeable and realistic character; she seemed like a real-life person and I could relate to her. Having been a third grader myself at one point and knowing how the kids interact at that age, Cinderella’s relationship with her friends also was completely believable.

            The story is about a young girl whose school year is off to a bad start. Her best friend is ignoring her and she just lost one of her tap shoes from her dance class, without which she may not be able to get the lead role in their dance recital. To make matters worse, Erin, the new girl at school, is about to get stepsisters and she is almost certain that they will be wicked, so she asks Cinderella for advice, assuming she knows all about wicked stepsisters.  Cinderella feels obliged to help Erin and not let her down, because if she loses this friend, she’s afraid she’ll have none. Cinderella has to find out all she can about stepsisters, while continuing to look for her missing tap shoe.

            Cinderella’s situation was one that readers could relate to and it also makes them feel sorry for her. I felt a connection with her, knowing that many other people, including myself, lose and forget things too, so this is a common, therefore realistic, character flaw. I got to know Cinderella very well and I found out a lot about her personality. Stephanie Barden has created a realistic character who I could relate to.

            The style of writing, including wit in certain places, suspense in others, made the book all the more entertaining. The writing reflected real, everyday lives of third graders in and out of school. The lead-up to the ending included several possibilities on how certain problems could solved, but it all tied together at the end and problems were worked out. The story came together at the end and I got a feeling of satisfaction – like all the work the characters did throughout the book paid off at the end.

            “Cinderella Smith” is the first in a trilogy and I can’t wait to see what will happen next!   


Seems like you have a great fan in Vancouver!!

May 23, 2012

I wanted to share a review from a young Canadian reader!

Nyla is almost done book 2.  She apparently sneaks and reads it when she is supposed to be sleeping :)  She says that she really enjoys book 2 because "it is funnier, especially the part about the teacher walking Cinderella to her car since he really likes the car". She wants to know "can you continue to write more books and not stop at book 3?"

Seems like you have a great fan in Vancouver!!

Take care,


BOOKLIST review of The More the Merrier!

May 3, 2012

Cinderella is back and as irrepressible as ever. The third-grade spelling bee is next week, and the winner gets to plan a class party, so she and BFF Erin spend a lot of free time quizzing each other. Cinderella’s parents have gone out of town, so Aunt Flora—a dental hygienist who drives an Opel GT nicknamed the Flying Machine—has come to babysit. Nemesis Rosemary has decided that Cinderella’s love of skipping and her inability to keep both shoes on her feet make her a baby, so the insults fly, but Cinderella learns to ignore the jibes. The sequel to Cinderella Smith (2011) has a retro feel—teachers wait with students for carpool, the girls walk to school—that still melds easily with contemporary problems like bullying and tests. Goode’s illustrations capture both the tension between Cinderella and Rosemary, and the delights of the everyday that Cinderella still revels in. A simple joy of a book, Barden’s story has given third-graders their very own hero whose final decision of inclusiveness is warming.

I loved

April 29, 2012

The first review from my target audience is in!

I loved "the more the merrier"M-E-R-R-I-E-R merrier.I have both books. They are very good! Thank you!!!!!!!